Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom's birthday and Father's big sha-bang!

Aww the gift of my favorite things to do...
Then they rip it off...sad!
The meal! It is interesting trying to incorporate to different tastes to make it special for Mom and know with out picking favorites ;0...Fish for Dad, a crab salad and shrimp for Mom and then common ground like potato, and broccoli!!!
A cake for Dad.. he was a pretty good sport about it...but i got the look when he saw the walker crossing sign..ouch the burn...
In all fairness i did make an adjustment from casino to Temple night!
Scrubs for everyone!!!
Much needed in their line of work!!!
so this one of Dad opening his wallet got a little blurry and i asked him to smile for another one and Michael, educated shall we say on the fact that you shouldn't ask them to smile because they don't look right... so the below picture is a posed one...
I think he still looks the same! Conclusion...Maurice you naughty monkey!!!!!
So the history on this picture was that i told Mom that she couldn't open her present till Dad was done with his, so she said OK, i will just eat some more of my spinach salad...Then after Dad was done opening his present he said, hey where is my salad...then everyone figured out who's salad she was enjoying!...
Don't worry Dad reclaimed it!!! And Mom eventually stopped laughing long enough to open her present!
But she still had the giggles!
The other piece of the puzzle!
Complete! Now both hang above their nightstand forming a circle...tender!